The Standard Arrow



A good all-rounder for heavier bows

Standard Arrow shoots have a loyal band of followers, but they are by definition few in number.

However, as more and more Archers are now becoming interested by the heavier bow-weights; now is the time for renewal.

The Standard Arrow is a mighty beast.

With a shaft thickness of 3/8”, a length of no less than 31 ½ inches from nock to forged head; a type 10, 16 or similar. With 6 inch long fletchings a minimum of ¾” high, the overall weight of the arrow is 800 grains.

The time is now
The Fraternity of Saint George has many Archers shooting longbows of 70 to 120 lbs. A substantial and growing minority see the Standard Arrow as a valuable tradition and as something they want to try. With its reputation for sound organisation the Fraternity now regularly hosts this event. Done in gorgeous surroundings and in such a way that more time is devoted to it. Arrows are be weighed and inspected, so are longbows; both to I.L.A.A. rules. It is nice to see a growing participation of self-yew bows, but as so few can make that investment, laminated bows are also be welcome. Again the I.L.A.A. is our guide.

 Added interest
Archers can bring two bows, thereby giving each a potential of four arrows. The I.L.A.A. sets no limit on the bow that can be used. It is the archer who decides what weight of bow he or she needs to shoot a Standard Arrow. Archers have up to four goes at it and it is always of great interest to see how the various materials perform.

The Flight Archers Championship precedes the Standard Arrow and may beat the heavies at sheer distance (though not at Standard Arrow itself).

After those two shoots what else to test the mettle of the famed “War” bows. Well can they shoot an even heavier arrow, the Military Arrow. After that they can show just how accurate they are. Shooting at the King’s Target will tests Archers to the max. How many  of the mighty bows hit the old black and white target at 220 yards ? Or do they concede it to lighter bows that are able to join the event. Already one of the lighter bows had it at the Honourable Artillery Company.

Wedged in over lunch during a target or roving marks shoot ? That does not do the event justice. The Fraternity always gives it full value on the Saturday afternoon of the July Mary Rose Shoot.

A warm summers’ day, dappled shade, a glass of cider, freshly made snacks. Leisurely shooting of all four events, Standard Arrow, Military Arrow, Flight and King’s Target. Long summer evenings mean there is little time constraint; we can shoot for hours if the fancy takes us. Then to the pub, a drink and a solid Archers supper.

And finally; this is quite a heavy arrow. Unless the bow is heavy also the bow will "tire" and lose its cast. A standard arrow should not regularly be shot out of a bow of less than 70 lbs.