Kilwinning Archers

Privously known as The Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers


The Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers was probably founded in, or before, 1483 in which year it first appears in the Burgh records. It was closely allied to the Abbey and to the Masonic Lodge (No 0).

The Society shot at the Butts, which it had to by law, and at the Papingo, Papageo or Popinjay, a small wooden pigeon set on a pole about six feet out from the top of the Abbey tower.Now, the Papingo, or 'Doo' is 100 feet above the step, but on the old tower which was burned in 1814 it was some 140 feet. The first person to "ding down the doo" wins the competetion and is declared "Captain of the the Papingo" and awarded the Walkert Trophy (scale model of the Abbey tower).

Little has changed

At the Abbey Tower, little has changed. The archer still shoots a single arrow and he still has to keep one foot on the lower step of the entrance.

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