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10/11 Feb 2018 - Invicta Shoot, Godinton Park


Beautiful sunshine and not too cold. For the first Fraternity Shoot of the year, this was a big one !

Morning Marks started with Steve Meredith's "Old Absoly" (inaugurated at October's HAC Shoot). This was followed by a short but high shot over a copse. Most were "tree skimmers" and therefore landed 50 to 60 yards too far, but there were three who were spot on among which Lisa King for who this tradition was a first. Via "Weeping Crosse" we went to "Kirby's Castle" and from there to Ken McRitchie's "Boult".

The Speed-shoot was a bit more of a challenge than usual as it was set 20 yards longer. Still the distance was do-able for all but the ultra-lights. After lunch we started off towards the "Finsbury Pidgeon", as a reminder than the Society of Finsbury Archers has been reconvened.
and is shooting at Stonor Park on 24 & 25 February. From there a long shot to Ian's "Golden Cup". Several Marks later we arrived at the oldest Mark "Grasshopper", situated between a large and a small log. Skies were threatening by the time we got to "Wells his Goodwill" and sure enough we got a short but heavy blast of wind mixed in with some fine sleet. Most were well dressed against this surprise and it was over before we shot the Cloth of Gold.

Good distances were shot for this time of the year when muscles and tendons are still a bit stiff.
Prize-giving was in the warmth of the visitors centre. Teas, coffees, creamy cakes and generous raffle prizes (thank you Ruth). The stats showed it had turned out to be a mildly difficult shoot, with particularly good results achieved by both Tony Banks and Amie Williams.

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